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OK I just graduated a week ago and me a d this girl have been friends and now she is showing that she likes me more than a friend. But I have a problem I don't know if I she take it further but there is another problem she is moving to VA in two weeks. Now should I tell her how I really feel or just leave it alone?but remember she is moving in two weeks


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  • Just tell her the truth, just say well there's no point in starting things and it might ruin a good friendship, she's moving in 2 weeks. Tell her you guys can hang out but depending how you want to go with it, be friends, or friends with benifits till she leaves.


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  • tell her

    how you truly feel or she may never know

    keep in contact with her don't let her slip outta your hands

    • Trust me she wants to keep in touch that I asked her to make a Facebook and she did that night. And she even asked me a couple days ago to try my hardest to stay in touch.

  • This decision has to be yours however I will give you a few things to consider. First, if you elect to tell her, are you prepared for a potential long distance relationship? Second, if you are attending college in August, have you considered that you will meet a lot of new people there and might be 'tempted?" Certainly, I don't want to deter you in any way because I know many couples who dated prior to college and whatnot and their relationships worked out. I just want you to see this from some other angles.

    If you really like this girl and want to cease the opportunity to be with her then tell her. However, if you feel otherwise then I would not reveal anything.

    Best of luck! BTW, Congrats on graduating! :)

    • Thank you. And I see what you mean with the college thing. So I guess I got some thinkin to do

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