Do you think he has feelings for me or can we be together one day?

So I had a crush on a TA he is a student too (my classmate). So I sent him an email thanking him for his help and i kinda flirted with him a bit ( I said you looked cute today ) .. he said thank you). then he said (do you believe me that I always get rejected?) (i said well that s sucks since your got everything. you are smart funny and cute, I am sorry to flirt I hope I did not bother you). (He said no it s okay but can not flirt with students). (I said I m not a student here anymore and you are my classmate and before you became a TA). (He said well but still you were a former student here are you trying to get me in a trouble? "he put a smiley face). I said (oh sorry, no I don t). Then he said (I am not made at you.) Then I did not reply back. I saw hi 2 days later we talked smiled everything was fine. I went home and I emailed him I said ( It was good to see you today, I hope I did not make you feel uncomfortable, please know I still value and respect you) he replied ( thank you that very sweet of you. I m not uncomfortable with you or offended, I just do not want to hurt your feelings). I said ( i know no worries) he said (thank you)..
What does he mean with "I just do not want to hurt your feelings" in this case? he does not like me? or I am the wrong person? or wrong time? does he sound like he had feelings for me? does it look like we can be together one day? I used to catch him staring. The way he stars at me means somethings.
by the way in our university policy TA and students can be together.
by the way He showed me all types of signs of liking me for the past 2 years, yet he rejected me


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  • People still play the cat and mouse game at 28-29? i would have told that mofo from the get go that im fucking interested. found out if they are or not, that way i can fucking move in or move on. At 28, ain't no fucking time to waste playing footsie... ur either in or out.

    • Update: its taking you 2 years to take the hint that he isn't interested... at least not in that manner?

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  • I would say no, usually when a guys says stuff like he has it means that he's not interested. Or at any rate that's my experience.


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  • Probably not interested but doesn't wanna lead you on either.

  • He doesn't sound interested


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