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You've been dating your boyfriend/girlfriend for 3 years. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is average looking, but this DROP DEAD GORGEOUSLY HOT man/women comes by and starts talking to you. You guys talk for a week and they start getting into you. I forgot to mention they look like a model. Your girlfriend/boyfriend gets jealous and starts arguing with you to the point where it gets heated. Your girlfriend/boyfriend gives you two options. What will you choose?
  • Cut communication off from those model looking friend to be with your girlfriend/boyfriend
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  • Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, to spark a new relationship with the model friend.
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  • I'd break up. But not because I wanted to date the pretty boy. It would be because I don't want to date someone who tries to tell me who I can be friends with.

    • Yeah, that'll get really aggravating. Thanks for answering.

  • Break up? Nah I'd break his bones


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