Temptation: Would you take 'revenge' or not?

There's a show on TV called Temptation and it's about couples testing their relationship.

4 couples will separate from their partner for 2 weeks and they'll be staying in a nice hotel with unlimited drinks, a swimming pool AND 10 flirts of the opposite sex (Their job is to tempt the boyfriend/girlfriend to go in the wrong)

Everything will be recorded, and after a few days they get to see videos of their partner to see if they behaved.

If you were participating as a couple (let's say 3- 6 years), and you see on the recordings that your partner cheated. Would you take revenge and cheat too, considering yourself single again? Or would you stay faithful, just to show your 'ex' that you CAN do it, that this was for him/her?
  • My SO cheated? I'll go all out too! PARTEEEEEHHHH!!!
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  • SO cheated, but I'll finish this test, even if I consider myself single again right now.
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  • I'll stay good and will confront my SO after all this... maybe we can work it out.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, I'd pretend I didn't know about it. Then I'd ghost him. I'd leave him, and cut all means of contact without an explanation as to why I'd left.

    The unexplained , unsaid goodbye would deflate his ego. He'd be left constantly wondering why the fuck I'd left him. It would eat away at him inside. That would be my revenge lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would go for C... being unhappy, but on the other hand I would never participate in a program where they challenge people to cheat. So stupid and just silly sensation seeking :-(


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