Ex and I have been apart for 2 weeks been in no contact for a week. People are telling me to contact her and need help?

It's been a week of no contact, 4 years together and go to the same church. Should I contact her? It was not really mutual she broke up with me for both of us to focus on school. After a week of no contact I was able to enroll in school get back into soccer train, work out. We go to the same church and tomorrow I want to see if I should contact her and see if she wants to go out for coffee or hangout at my place but I don't want to push her away. I feel no contact is beneficial but I want her back. This girl is so much better then the girls I talk to. She said she wants a sucessful man to be in her life. So what can I do to win her heart back as I said we go to the same church. So if we see each other tomorrow I wonder if she'll be the one to break the contact but any tips from her side and my side as well I mean I sense and pray that you know things will get better between us as I see space is something we both needed but tbh we were both kind of the same we didn't go to school we both worked dead end jobs. She broke it off as I said and now I see well it's time to better myself. As I said numerous times I enrolled in college getting a better job. Hopefully a internship. Also playing soccer. My only real question is how do you get her to miss you and come back is my only question? I know i repeated myself i just want some closure is all. P. s yes we've argued like a lot of other couples but all of a sudden BAM we broke up. But after the breakup I was able to enroll in school and play soccer and just be me. I hope she sees this and would chase me again. Sorry for repeating myself. If so I'd love for people to message me privately as well. Thank you so much!


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  • She broke it off, so she most probably won't chase you. You are the one who needs to call her and impress her if you want to get back together. This reminds me of how I dumped one guy and I also made it sound like it's just cause I need to focus on school, so that the breakup would be easier. He somehow had the same hopes as you with this girl and messaged me like a week later and I said we're over forever. But who knows, maybe you'll have more luck...

    • well what do you recommend. We go to church together so what should I do then. As I said we haven't contacted in a week so it's kind of rough not being able to hear from her. I started working on me getting enrolled in school finding a better job, working out. What would you recommend? Everyone says let the ex who dumped contact first but I'm also hearing people saying the dumpee should chase (guy) but it's confusing.

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    • Good luck! :)

    • Appreciate your advice!

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