How do I get over someone cheating on me because I feel like I'm not worth it?

If you've never been cheated on, it kinda feels like you've been taken advantage of and got betrayed. I also kinda feel like I'm not really worth it. But I don't know. I mean it does happen to everyone. Anybody could try to cheer me up?


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What Girls Said 2

  • oh yes i know it hurts my ex fucked people behind my back and other things.. i'm sorry that you got cheated on but you were enough they were the ones who weren't good enough for YOU!

  • i divorced my ex husband for cheating with my best friend who is only nineteen


What Guys Said 1

  • I am on the same boat as you. just try to be happy with everything. do not keep thinking.

    • Yeah I've been distracted from work lately. Also, by talking to other girls

    • talking to other girls is the best way to cope up by the way. it's a bit difficult in the beginning but it will get you out of it.

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