(Please help me) Will he ever regret leaving me?

I have been with my Long Distance ex boyfriend for 9 months. We have talked everyday and every time without stopping, he never ever went through a day without telling me how much he loves me and how he sees the future with me, how beautiful I am. He randomly sends me long messages telling me how lucky he is and how he will keep me and begs me to never leave him. We could talk forever without getting bored about anything and everything without stopping. He always made time for us and I really could tell he loved me soo much. 3 days ago I saw his bio on IG with another girls' name and she had his name on her bio too ( he doesn't know I use IG Or FB) and a few months back I saw his fb with her name too, his friends always mentioning her in his pictures but he still don't reply, but he reply to her when she comments, I only thought "nah he loves me and she's maybe just a friend or an ex trying to get near him" so 3 days ago I was really sure he was with her since he had her name on his bio and vice verca. I called him and he denied it at first and then he admit it. He told me he has feelings for me and her, and that he has been with her 2 months ago. When I asked who he loved the most he said it was me but told me it's never going to work out since I'm far away but told me to give him "time" and told me to wait for him, maybe he will come back? He said we can still be friends. After the call he asked me how I am and called me " baby" and told me he misses me, but I told him to go and talk to her and he said he will. I could tell he was sad.. Will he regret breaking up with me? Will he come back and say sorry? Please help me. Will he come back and regret it?
I cried so much after the phone call, I mean I could tell he really loved me. I really could tell. I know he loves me. 2 days ago he told me about how much he loves me and how perfect I am for him, how I was his dream girl and how he talks about me day and night and told me how badly he wants to spend the summer with me calling and chatting alll day long and told me to never leave him because he will cry (he's sensitive), and no he doesn't care about the nudes.


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  • I've been that guy before. You don't want to be with that guy. Even if he's honest about his feelings for you he will continue to do this to you, just get out now and get as mentally far away as possible.


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  • If he loved you he wouldn't have cheated on you for 2 months and ended up in a relationship with another girl , simple as that. Let him go. He sounds immature and not capable of maintaining a relationship


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  • Hmm give him some of your time, a chance maybe and see if he still likes to maintain a nice relationship with you

    If he remains committed then you are good to go


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  • I ever in your position, but sorry to say he never love you. He is selfish. And he make u just his option

  • I dont think so


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