Is this the good way to get her back?

Long story short, girl rejected me couple of weeks ago after spending months together "just as a friend".
What I know
- She liked me in the past (I know that for sure)
- We had a lot of physical contact even days before she rejected me
- I was chasing her so much, that she was probably losing interest over time because of that
- I stopped talking with her right after that but I heard from multiple people that she misses me and wants me to text her
- I recently texted her because I needed something and I wanted to not initiate any big conversation, for next three days she was contacting me so I was just responding

Is cutting her off good way to get her back? If she really likes me or miss me, will she come back? Should I text her first or wait until she texts me and if she texts me should I keep the conversation going or try to look like I'm busy and don't have time to talk with her?


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  • Forget it, she's obviously not interested or playing hard to get

  • She isn't interested! Stop it!


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