Why can't some girls just settle for one man? And if we break up with them why do they make us look and feel bad about it?

I broke up from my last relationship because she never seemed to give me as much affection as she showed other guys around me. She would show more affection to one of my friends, but he wouldn't act on it as far as I know, and she also showed more affection for one of her ex boyfriends. Now I feel like she is trying to guilt trip me by acting really sad around me. I just want to know why some girls do this and if it's just a me thing because this is the third time it has happened to me.


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  • I don't like it when people do that stuff. I don't know what she intended to accomplish by behaving that way with other guys, maybe just wanted to make you jealous. Now I think she's just trying to make you feel bad for breaking up with her, trying to make you feel like the bad guy and that it's your fault it didn't work out. I'm sorry it's your third relationship that has ended that way, but if that's how they behave then they weren't the best for a relationship anyway :/

    • Thank you very much for agreeing with me on this subject. And she did mention one time as, I assume a joke, she sort of liked making me jealous. I told her I hated it but she didn't stop what she was doong.

    • Yeah, sometimes people just like making their partner jealous, like to be able to have that kind of power and knowledge over them I think. Jealousy can happen without a person intentionally trying to cause it, if that's just how they are in general and maybe don't realize it. But since you actually told her and she refused to quit? I think she was definitely doing it on purpose to try to get to you, and relationships like that are never healthy and will usually be a disaster eventually

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  • Are you really 15?

    • Yes I am, but I have the mental coppasity of a college student. My reading is colelge level, my singing ability is college level, and I'm pretty sure my math is at least two years farther than I am in school

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