Do you say mean things or the opposite of what you mean due to jealousy and anger in a relationship?

Is it common for you to say things that you don't mean or the opposite of what you mean due to jealousy and anger?

Let me explain my current situation. My ex-girlfriend and I live together due to the fact that we can't get out of our lease together for a few months. Since the breakup however, I've changed a lot. I've worked out and gotten pretty buff by gaining about 15 pounds with pecs, biceps, etc.

Anyway, as we get closer to the move out date of separation my ex-girlfriend has become increasingly more irritable/bitchy and just goes overboard with every little thing. She went into a rage when she found out that I slept with another woman months after we broke up. I have never brought any person into our apartment but last night she brings a guy to spend the night because he was just "picking up some things being given away" and "he works security and was tired because he was driving until like 4am from a different state".

Next you have her telling me I can't cook dinner when she is at home because she can "smell it." Then I can't have my shirt off walking to the shower but 10 minutes later she's walking past me into the kitchen with just loungerie on?

Anyway, long story short... She keeps saying that I have corrupted her libido and that she has no feelings for me. Before that she was saying that I should move on, meet a new girl, and get over her... And yet she went nuts when I started dating around.

So do women say stuff when they don't mean it due to jealousy? Ladies have you ever said you didn't care or hated a guy when you really felt the opposite?


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