In love... Depressed... Help?

I'm an Indian. M 22 years old. I have two best female friends. Its been 3 years since we met. I found them very natural, genuine and yes they both are super beautiful. We all 3 became too close to eachother. We met 3 years ago in our college time. We got to spend every single moment together.
Now after the clg few months ago one of them gone to USA she settled there and we rarely talks And yes she was use to like me then with the other one I started meeting alone and got to spend some quality time with eachother. But now I fallen in love with her.
Now she lives far away and we just talk on messenger and phone calls. She loves me too a lot and also wanna spend every single moment with me. She get into tears when we meet after longtime. She expresses her thoughts and share her work but nothing about our relationship. She says I like to be with freedom and always wanna live for myself.

Then 6 months ago I left her And I decided I'll never talk to her and I'll forget her. But Its very hard to forget her and almost every week she tries to talk to me & she is sad and not happy that why m not talking to her.

I tried to involve with girls and had been in relationship with a girl to forget her but It didn't work even Im not getting any feeling for any other girl. So now I m use to live alone... Almost everytime.

I don't know how to overcome my frustration and how to stop OVERTHINKING.. Which is killing me.

How to be focused on my career and how to stop thinking about her.


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  • Rule of thumbs. If you met a girl for months or years and she hasn't show interest at all to fuck you/date you then she is not interested.

    Also as for the other girl sounds like shit is just going on in her life and she wants to use you as an emotional support.


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