Does it seem like my ex is with someone, or just messing with me?

So my ex and I broke up early November due to me not having enough time for her (I'm working and in school graduating this summer though) and it being long distance. Since then she has consistently checked my social media (ones that tell you who sees or counts profile views, I typically only have about 10 followers and most dont use or not that often basically she's the only one that makes sense). Especially as of late she has looked at least every day if not more. She usually blocks ex's she hasn't done that with me, hasn't kicked me off Netflix even with me hinting of using it on social media in fact actually expanded the number of screens. However the other day she posted a pic of the guy I feel she may have left me for on a snap story saying "playing with his toys" (he had a action figure in his hands) and it was at her apartment. Her social media does not indicate there is someone and in some cases makes it seem like she's lonely (attention seeking tweets). To me if they had been together that long there would be more (she doesn't hide she has a boyfriend, she will post pics and stuff). Plus I would think if she wanted to just be friends she wouldn't be so withdrawn, yet if she was over me she would just unfriend or block me as she has done with her other ex's.


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