My ex boyfriend is acting strangely. What should I do in this situation. He wants to leave his mail at my house?

Im in a very confusing relationship with my ex... me and him knew each other for about 7 years. Just this year things have been very different between me and him. We have been fighting more often and having less sex. We would stop having sex for two months and then he would say im not having sex with you if other men are in the picture. i know for a fact he is seeing other people and having sex outside of me. told me he doesn't want a serious relationship with me. For the past week he's been talking about leaving his mail here. Asking for a favor. Today he asked me for an odd favor in which he left his car in my yard for maybe less than two hours. I didn't even see him today he just called dropped his car off. Then picked the car up with out a warning. What is going on?
When we were fighting he made some type of threat against me but didn't say exactly what he might do. He said someone pissed him off and he did something to them in the past. He has me kind of worried and nervous. I feel like when ever i do something he's always watching.


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  • That's odd!!

    • Does he do drugs

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    • Yeah your completely right it sounds like bad news. Because of the fights we had im extra paranoid he might harm me financially or physically. Or try to set me up. He did hit me at one point but that was years ago. Most of the time now is more psychological abuse.

    • Don't need that crap at all! Find a real man

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