How to end a quarrel?

I've been in this relationship since last 3 years... I love this girl.. ahe also loves me a lot.. however 3 years ago she tried to cheat on me.. which was unsuccessful due to my intervention.. after that I became weird.. I used to doubt her every niw and then... I used get furious even if she made a new guy friend... ai used to get insecured knowing that she has gone out with a guy friend... however she had changed... and on 14th feb we had a small fight over a small issue.. which was about not having sex... to which I opposed and... she made a big deal out of it.. the quarrel got stretched for 3-4 days... then in those 3-4 days... she had already given up on me... and stated me the reason of her career... and she started hanging out with another guy... however I managed to convince her... but she kept behaving badly... I used to feel bad about it because I was the only person in her life to whom she behaved in such a way... Then every 2nd day she started picking up a quarrel... and break up became a regular practice for her.. but i still thought that things will slowly get normal...
Last week when I tried to kiss her.. she totally refused... stating a reason that she had a lot of stress in her life... then she picked up a quarrel and said that just because I asked for a kiss she wants to break up.. and she wanted to stay alone..
again she got convinced to stay... then for 10-12 days we were better someohow... then again she started asking me to give hsr own space... then
she on her own reaslised that whatever she did to me was wrong and asked me to make things right... and then I said ok because I really love her.. and the same night she went out with her friends.. in which that guy was also there.. and then he went to drop her off.. . then I got angry and tried to taunt her... but she broke up with me again... now how to fix the things... please help me


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  • I know that you love her and that this may be hard, but if she has tried to leave you so many times maybe you should let her go? Just saying. Figure out for yourself if this is truly what you want before you do it. Good luck!

  • I'm so sorry, but this sounds like unbelievably toxic relationship and I think it would be best for you to accept the end of it. The only way I
    can this surviving is by both of you actually going to couples therapy

  • you might need to cut your losses here


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