How come he only wants me when I don't want him?

i dated this guy who was my best friend in 2006 and we ended up not working out and didn't talk for about 6 months we ended up dating again in June of 2007 until may of 2008 almost a year..we still had sex even after that until about 7 months ago is when we had stopped the still talk...i still love him with all my heart but I've also been able to move on and just not think about him but when he out of no where just wants to see me all the feelings rush back and once in a while he'll say he wants me back and stuff when I finally am happy without him. so I give it a shot and say okay but then he doesn't want me he changes his mind this has happened over 3 times now how do I make him want me even when I want him to.


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  • Honestly, I believe he does like you but wants to see who else is out there first. Its typical for everyone to have a "back up" person that they could date but they don't because they know that if they do need someone to be with, that person will be there. I know that I do that. I have a friend that I know really likes me, but for some reason, I want to see what else is out there. Deep down I know that if I really want to be with someone they would be there. Its mean I know, but I believe a lot people do this. You need to make him realize that your more then that. As of right now, move on. Start dating someone else to test the waters and see if he gets jealous. It forces him to decide how much you really mean to him. If anything else, it will take away his "backup" date.


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  • Truth is he's never gonna want you when YOU want him to..he works on his own time...and to be honest going after a guys who is whishy washy like that is a no no...he shouldn't get to decide when things are on and off between you two...maybe the right thing to do is completely move on...when you think you are over him you probably arent


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