To respond or not to respond to ex?

So the strangest thing happened today, a month to the day since I've spoken a single word to my ex. I was out running errands not far from where I live when I had to stop at a major intersection for an ambulance to go by. For a second I wondered whether it could be my ex in there (he's a paramedic) even though I couldn't see the drivers at all. The thought passed as quickly as it came, and I went about my errands. Then about an hour later when I checked my phone, I had a text from none other than my ex saying he was pretty sure he'd just seen me at the intersection where I had been! I almost passed out! Very bizarre coincidence, especially since I "sensed" it could be him without even seeing him. (By the way, I live in a huge city where it would be very unlikely to cross paths at all.) So my question is... should I respond? And if so, what should my response be like? I miss him and still love him but also know that now is not a good time for us to be together.


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  • You can reply if you really want to. But you don't have to start a conversation.
    You broke up for a reason, remember that when you start missing him.


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