High school! (NEW UPDATED)?

IM SO CONFUSED ON WHERE TO GO! IM STUCK ON TWO SCHOOLS!! I've made my choice, but saying no to the other just breaks my heart. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing.. and it makes me want to cry and jump off a cliff.

So one is for like art and everything, career wise. The other is for the people and because I have friends when I get there. I'm not worried about the first choice, and the people, sand I like it bc half of the day I'm doing artwork; which I don't really have time for bc of academics, now.

But the other we've had events, so I've made friends. I feel so included and welcomed, they have an art department but it's only one class. I'm not worried about both schools and trying to make friends, I just like both so much I can't decide..


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  • It'll hurt at first, but making new friends and leaving the old is all part of the experience. Besides, in the age of communication, keeping in touch is easy.


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  • Go to the one where you really want Togo


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