My fiancé is embarrassed of our age difference update. Didn't know I couldn't update after MHO. Check original question first to understand. ?

I talked to my fiancé as passively as possible but he still said that both was wrong. I told him that it would be better to break off the engagement and see if things worked for a few months. And if I saw no change, breaking off the relationship all together would be best (we were calm). He took it well, so we'll see how it goes from here. We agreed that if we ended up breaking up, we could put the the house for sale and each receive what each of us spent on it.
We broke up. I honestly feel like I was the only one working on making the relationship work.


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  • Age is not the problem here. The problem is being unable to adjust well together. Men actually feel more comfortable being with younger girls because of their youth and beauty. But in this case he is more worried of what people will think. Full blown love usually should not have allowed to go waste in such a way. Things should have been patched up in amicable ways.

    • How could I patch up things, if he doesn't seem to accept that there is an issue? Do you have any suggestions? I've tried to talk to him in different ways and also not too often so he doesn't feel pressured or annoyed.

    • I think that he is suffering from a phychological problem. His problem gets triggered when he sees people looking at you. He thinks that people think , he did something wrong to get such a young and attractive girl like you. He thinks , you deserve to be with someone younger , not because he is not capable of giving you love but because he is afraid of what people think. There are good quality psychologists in America. Take an appointment with one such expert , and his problem will vanish in thin air.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • It's better to be single than to be with someone who has the problem that he has. Once a man gets tangled up in his own insecurity, he's no kind of sound partner. You deserve someone who does not have these issues. Only he can deal with them but most people never get past things like this. I'm happy you spoke with him about it. Any future with him is not going to be happy.


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  • he's an idiot. why let anyone, even family, affect who you love. think he's the kind of person that believes what everyone else says. rather than his partner. your better off


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  • I honestly felt if he couldn't deal with the age difference he should of told you instead of you wasting your time on him.


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