Do women often betray in the same way? Like do they show the same signs before hand?

Two years ago I was betrayed by a close female freind because of some stupid group drama. Now another one of my close female friends is showing the same signs as the other girl did. She is her freind and I'm wondering if she also is now just waiting for a opportunity to betray me just like her freind did.

Should I cut bait and protect myself or stay the course and hope that she is not like my former freind?

With the time of year coming up and all this stuff happening and stress from school. I'm just wondering if I made a mistake joining the group in the first place. I made several former friends and I really only kept her and two others as friends after.


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  • yeah they often do stuff in the same way

    • So what do you think. Should I push her away or wait it out?

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