Will I ever hear from my ex girlfriend & best friend who suffers from bpd a personality disorder ?

if you want details on what happened between us just ask its very long.

she been with the new guy for a little over 2 years and we dated for 9 months but were friends for 7 years. i haven't spoken to my ex at all for 19 months but when her i visit her job she will not stop staring at me. in fact, i have had a cashier tell me to turn around and i did which she was staring right at me. i have even had a few friends ask if i knew her that's how hard she stares.
do you think there is any chance in hell of us being friends agin>


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  • Yeah maybe

    • Do you want details

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    • Maybe she is building up courage

    • I don't know 1 day ill find out having seen her in awhile

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  • Probably not no, i've got bpd and the moment i move onto a new person or interest i cut contacts with the old people. Not even sure why, i just do it.

    • Am the only ex so far she hasn't spoken to too
      Do you want the details

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