Why is my ex acting this way?

He's talking about his dating life in front of me to other coworkers.

yes we work together.

Yesterday he revealed that he's dating a mutual coworker.

This really hurt my feelings.

i won't look at him no eye contact at all.

He makes faces about me behind my back laughing with other coworkers.

Should I go work somewhere else?

he's been there 18 years an I've been there only 7 years.

He smirks at me. I just want to hit him.


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  • ignore him, once he realizes that you dont give a fuck, he will stop


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  • He sounds like he's being really immature and acting very petty. The best thing to do is just to ignore him as best you can. Don't show him that it bothers you because it sounds like that's the reaction he wants to get from you.

    • I just feel so stupid for giving him the time of day. Acting petty 50 year old man. Old man 👴

    • You're out of the relationship now so don't even think about it anymore. Just be glad you're not giving him any more time.

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  • Fuck him, don't let his childish behaviour cost your job

  • Ignore him leaving your job will only show how much control he has over you still. Hold your head up high youve got this 💓💓💓

  • Hold your head up high and DO NOT leave your job. He looks like an ass doing this and all your coworkers know it. Look damn good every time you come to work and put a huge smile on your face while doing it. Even if it's not "real". It will bother him more if it's not affecting you. Similar to when my 8 year old taunts my 6 year old. Sorry to say nut this is the maturity level you are dealing with sorry to say.

    • Yes I almost cried yesterday

    • He is not worth one tear girl. Look at it like he did you a favor. If he could treat you like this now imagine how things would've been if you ever got married or had kids together. In you mind thank him for being such an ass and saving you a lifetime of pain

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