Broke up with girlfriend. Now I'm bored. What 2 do?

I broke up with my girlfriend but I always chatted her when I got bored so now I don't know what to do when I get bored. I seem to have forgotten what I normally did when I got bored prior to the relationship that I don't still do.


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  • Pfft... one of those people that depend on a partner to have fun...
    watch a movie... do you have video games? do some exercise...
    Prep yourself up to look better for whomever you meet next... gotta look better, feel better, be better... and have fun doing it.
    Girls are just a necessary evil... dont let em run (or ruin) who you are.
    Like shoes lol.. dont really need em... but nice to have.
    (i know im gonna catch some flak for that analogy lol... can't wait)

  • try finding yourself again

  • Tinder. Smash girls raw. Live life how you did before being in a relationship.

    • Haha lol. Sounds fun but I don't use tinder since I find that schedules and logistics don't line up with tinder matches often enough for very meaningful relationships.

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