Should I stay in with her?

I considerd breaking up my girlfriend which i dated for 5 years, i had a rough youth and a hard time adulting but she would always stay even when i felt unworthy of loving, unfortanately my feelings for her aren't there any more i mean i love her and i care about her but my feelings gotten less i feel sorry for her because she was very much a lot invested in me and always had a hard time making friends so that will mean she will be alone, half a year ago she broke up with me which lasted a month i felt really sad and started working out and now i am quite good looking have a nice body and i'm good looking there were a lot of girls trying to get to me at my work and in clubs social media etc. but i haven't reciprocated to them anyways that's not even the reason i want to break up last weekend i was out with my sister because of a fight we had and i met a girl which i will probably never see again but i haven't had that feeling with my girlfriend in years, only now i am thinking about the good times with her and how she has really always been around with me even when i was at my lowest point and i still love her and get jealous too so i am confused about what i should do


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  • What feeling did you have for that girl that you haven't had for your girlfriend in years. Because to a certain extent, the early feelings of infatuation in a relationship does fade and it's expected to fade. If that is the feeling, then perhaps you should reconsider breaking up with her (if she'll even take you back). On the other hand, sometimes people grow apart.

    Honestly, considering how much you regret it, and how you still love her and get jealous, I think what you felt was lust/infatuation and that fades in relationships over time, so I don't think you should have broken up with her over that.

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    • Loving someone makes you want to have sex isn't that right? i didn't feel like having sex with her anymore and we say very mean things to eachother during fights which hurted a lot not but i feel like an asshole for leaving her after she was my home for so many years

    • Loving someone doesn't necessarily mean you want to have sex. If she's at the time in her cycle when she doesn't feel horny and doesn't want to have sex, it doesn't mean love suddenly disappeared. Love is also wanting to spend time with someone, wanting to be in their presence. Love is wanting to do things to make him/her happy, going out of your way to put a smile on their face.

      Personally, I don't think saying mean things in fights has a place in any relationship, because it hurts those in the relationship.

      You left what you knew for the unknown, and the unknown can be scary. Plus, now that you ended it, you are remembering that the relationship wasn't all bad, you guys did have your good times. But you don't stay in a relationship because it used to be good, you stay in a relationship for what it is now. And if what it currently is right now isn't super healthy because you guys hurt each other during fights, then perhaps it's time to move on and find something healthy.

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  • Honestly, a relationship from age 15 to 20 is kinda doomed, tbh.

    You're at a point in your life where you're developing into who you will really be. Your body might be an adult now, but your mind isn't going to be there until like 23-25. You might find the new you doesn't like who she's grown into. People grow apart. Its sad but don't fight it.


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