Marital payments?

There is a case where 15 years after a separation, a man has been order to pay more suport for his wife because she feels she needs more to suport her after failed investment in property. The child is now over 25, and the man has a new family he is suporting the best he can. Should there be a maximum limit on spouse suport after a devorce? or should the suport even be limited to the the child from the relatinship as the partner who is suported may be supported twice if they get involved with a new partner.
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  • Well I think there should be a limit on child support (unless it's owed back child support I don't think there should be a limit on that). I did however hear of a case where a man who was a Dr divorces his wife after like 30-35 years. Now she was at housewife the entire time they were together because he wanted her to stay home. Due you her age (at least 50-55) and no marketable skills for work he had to pay alimony spousal support till one of them died. I don't really have a problem with that. He kept her from learning any way to support herself (at more than minimum wage) so he had a clean house and a meal on the table. He also had the means of paying it, so why throw the woman, who had given him over half her life, to the wolves?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm old-fashioned. If I tie the knot I vow to support her and take care of her until death do us part, so yes, if we happen to part ways I'll damn well keep true to what I promised and pay her alimony so she can live comfortably and doesn't end up living on the street. I don't think there should be a limit, it should be proportional to his income.


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  • I think alimony payments are fair, in the case of divorces where one spouse was supporting the other financially. And child support is obviously fair. But alimony absolutely should be limited. An ex spouse should not be entitled to increased alimony due to a change in their financial circumstances that occurs post divorce.


What Guys Said 1

  • She should be getting a middle finger from court. What a cheeky bitch.


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