We broke up and she told me "maybe in the future" what does this mean?

we fought a lot and we are young. she did say she was trying to keep up with my relationship pace but its a little too fast. anyways she has been off lately and i asked whats the matter and she said she hasn't been feeling the relationship recently, the fights haven't been bothering her. then afer that she said "i dont think its going to work right now, we go to different schools, maybe in the future we can have an official relationship but right now i dont think its the best idea for us... I'll let things fall into place if its meant to be"
im just confused right now on what to do or what this meant. i need an extra insight, thanks.


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  • She's done with the relationship. In break ups there's no such thing as maybe. Honestly, she probably did you a favor and you're doing yourself disservice but by trying to figure things out or sticking around to see what she does. Cut your losses and move on. She will be sound the same. You're around the same age, I'm assuming... she's young and still trying to find herself. You need to forget about her and move on.


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