How would you feel if you got this message? Im trying to take the high road?

For some back ground I called him out for creeping on other girls, I've know him for over a year, while we weren't in a relationship I deserved to know where I stood with him, he responded by calling it drama and blocking and deleting me. I really care about him but his actions show he doesn't care about me. So I tried talking to him, his is the last message I sent him, I'm not sending him anymore as the whole situation has exhausted me.

Hey last message from me, since I didn't sleep last night I had time to think about things, this is for the best, you showed me how mature you are by ignoring and blocking me, I've mentioned before about creeping and nothings changed, and nothing will. There was even no need to change if we just talked about it. There'll be no talking things through with you because you're not capable of doing it. Honestly I feel like I've a weight off my shoulders, I'm no longer feeling insecure and you showed me how much you cared by your actions. So I guess thanks. While I'm sorry for what I said I am glad I said it. I do wish you all the best with your mum and I'll keep her in my prayers. That being said if you do ever need help you can just ask.


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  • This guy knows you're there and interested and accuses you of drama. A man in his right energy will not play with a woman's emotions or lead her on. He will make it known he sees your value and wants you. He's a wrong guy and can't see your value. Take note of your own value abd drop him like a bad habit. It shouldn't be that hard or hurtful.

    • Thanks for your advice it really helped me out today

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