I love you but I can't do this anymore?

LDR started last May, first crush in my home state. He messaged me out of the blue and said he's still looking for someone. He's 39, I'm 34. He pursued me, we became friends and grew until Dec when chats became intimate and routinely shared our lives, pics, sent gifts, and confided in each other, talking tons on phone/text. He was sweet to my son, sent him a book then shared his pic w friends. He said he had to be by me and bought me a plane ticket bc travel is hard for him with mobility issues.
We hung out with his family I hadn't seen in years and talked, cuddled, kissed, hung out. Was amazing. He cooked my favorite foods and I helped him around his house, we had a blast. He kissed my forehead in my sleep and said he knew he liked me more than I liked him.
As I left he said we needed to keep seeing each other. He was distant the next week and when I asked why he said he loves me and wants me but we should move on bc it's too hard. I was stunned but we talked and he said he was worried I'd leave so I told him I love him and want to be with him. He said he wants the same. We got back to our chatty, flirty, close place, he asked me to come back to him in May. Last Wed I saw a huge change in him and on Thurs work stress cont. Friday said he has a lot on his mind, we had to talk. Sunday he said his brother came in town unannounced, a lot has happened w/ the fam that kills him so they spent the weekend hashing out. Yesterday he calls, says he misses chatting (never went over a day) and told about his challenges then says our situation is taking a toll on him, asked what this is and where does it end, told me he loves me, wants me in his life and wants me by him all the time and hates it can't happen. I said I can't be his friend bc I can't watch him date someone else and he said he doesn't want to he loves me. I was upset and told him his mind is made up so I guess this is goodbye and I hung up. Worst part is I sent a love letter that arrived today or tomorrow likely.


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  • I'm sorry you're having a difficult time with your break up but what's the question exactly?

    • Sorry. Not sure what happened with the bottom. Just wondering if anyone else in an ldr heard this. The I love you and want you in my life but it hurts too much to be a boyfriend.

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