Are you friends with your ex's?

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  • It's bad for both genders here is why. For the man it is like asking someone to take a demotion in a company but ask him to occasionally do the same thing and expecting him to be happy with this demotion and pay cut and for a girl it is like dropping all the charges in court, she could have been at fault for everything but she thinks it wasn't that bad since you are willing to be friends. I hate to be an asshole here but with girls you have to hold them accountable for these things for a long time before you think about mending the fences

    • I agree that staying friends with an ex can be messy or a bad idea, but I don't understand the need for those types of gender differentiations. Either gender could easily fall under either of those situations, and you're basically implying that breakups or staying friends with an ex is always worse for the guy, which is absolutely not the case.

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    • @samhradh_leannan I feel like my comment villianizes men, not many guys are willing to take that demotion I talked about and they get really upset by it

    • You make the man out to be the victim on both ends. When a guy chooses to stay friends with an ex, he's being demoted, and is accepting a pay cut, i. e. he is being treated unfairly or is being used. And when a girl chooses to stay friends with an ex, it means the victim of her horrible behavior is dropping the charges against her! But that's ridiculous. Both genders can hurt people and both genders can get hurt. This simply is not a gender issue.

Most Helpful Girl

  • No. I always cut contact with exes. I have no need to have them in my life. That just complicates future relationships, and it brings too much drama into your life.


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  • Yes only one now.. and JUST friends :)

  • Yes we are

  • no i am not he cheated on me so that's why


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