Why do I cry over my ex and get sad and depressed over him?

He broke up with me and went back with his on again off again ex girlfriend and he's been with her ever since, and I always get sad and depressed over him and think about him late at night all depressed and I feel like killing myself over him. Also, I think and feel like I can and will never find anyone better than him, like I'll never find my true love, etc. And sometimes I cry over him. I feel like I will never get over him too.


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  • People might say, give some time and stuff like that. But if you sit around waiting for yourself to move on, you'll just end up being more heart broken. My advice, get yourself busy. Go out, talk to strangers, make some new friends, travel the world. You got a very small life. Enjoy it instead of wasting time, crying over other people. I would like to quote a sentence that I saw on some random guy's t-shirt a few years back:

    "Don't take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway!"

    And my life was never the same since that day. :)


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  • Believe me you WILL get over him. Take it from a personal experience. I have had 3 guys in my life. The second guy used me as a rebound and messed me up emotionally with his lies and I too, wanted to kill myself.
    I took a day off work to dwell, and let it all out. Next day I went back to work and focused my energy on that. I booked myself a holiday. I thought too that I wouldn't meet anybody after him, but less than a year later I met someone (we are no longer together) BUT he was better looking, and kind (for a while lol). Moral of the story, even though it didn't work out with the third guy for me, I KNOW there is a guy out there who does possess all the qualities I am looking for. In the meantime, focus on urself Hun.
    Tbh, this guy won't be somebody u forget completely as it's an experience u faced, view it as a lesson - but the pain will become less and less as days go by and eventually he'll just be a memory and someone that u won't even care about. Time is the healer of all my love.

    • Thank you. I really wish I could find someone better and just not feel anything for him ever again. I hate having feelings for him like loving him and crying over him, being sad and depressed over him when he has his girlfriend and he probably doesn't even have the same reactions to the breakup as me. If that's how you say it.

    • And it's hard to believe that there's someone better for me now.

    • I understand completely. But u will. You'll have down days and you'll have up days. Take it day by day. It's only been 4 weeks since my ex fiancĂ© and I broke up. He's blocked me on phone and as far as I'm aware having the time of his life whereas I'm here depressed. At the end of the day, I'm the better person, I have that conscience. I know you want to love and be loved. We all do. But it's imperative that u heal first. The right guy will come at the right time and he won't leave. He will treat u like the queen that u are. :)

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  • You're not over him. That's why you cry. Best advice is to give it time and distract yourself.

  • postmalesyndrome.com/.../

    Look at the article, maybe it can help you.

    And there is nothing wrong with crying because you are not over him, especially when he is back with an ex. It hurts even more. I can understand that, but you need to try to move on, that is the only think you can do, by distracting yourself and giving it time. Accept the breakup, cry as much as you want but there is going to be a time to move on.


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