What's your view on cheating?

honestly. everyone is going to say it isn't cool but 89% of people do it, share your story if you've ever cheated and do it anonymously if so. if you won't be honest, don't waste time.


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  • The way I feel about cheating is that if you are going to cheat you probably do not want to be in the relationship anyway. If you truly love someone you won't cheat on them. I have cheated on someone one time because he was cheating on me too and I wanted to get him back, even though he was cheating on me I felt HORRIBLE I could not get over it so I had to end it with him. If you have the urge to cheat your not necessarily a bad person you just should think about your relationship and if its really right for you at that time.


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  • Never dated so I've never cheated. When I date I never will.


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  • My view is that it happens sometimes - I guess I like to look at things realistically; I wouldn't say "You NEVER cheat on someone you love," because NEVER is kind of unrealistic for anything.

    Obviously it's not okay - it does almost always mean that something is wrong in the relationship. But I wouldn't call it a deal-breaker, because who knows what you could eventually have with that person if you never try to fix things together?

    People can change. Cheating doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. Maybe it's one of those dumb things that you have to experience once so that you know you never want to do it again (that was kinda the case for me).

    I did it because the commitment was new and scary for me, and I always second-guess myself when making big decisions. I was afraid of what I might be missing out on. But when I was able to see for myself and realize that he was all I really wanted, I felt a lot more sure and I'm thoroughly committed to him now because I KNOW no one else can make me happier. I'm not justifying it, because I hate what I did even to this day, but that was my motivation for being unfaithful.


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