Why do men think if a woman sleeps with them she will sleep with another guy?

Men are hypocrital because for them to assume that they go ahead sleeping with other females. It doesn't make a woman a slut if she has sex with her boyfriend. Some dudes don't notice a girl after he is done sleeping with her. Girls try to work it out with men but no once they open them legs it is no way of taking them back. Men think it is easy to get them to date us but it's not. Not every guy we talk to is going to say hey date me. Some girls feel really hurt once their boyfriend dumped them like that.


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  • Thankfully, most guys (in rl, at least) don't apply this double standard to women and if you happen to encounter any who do, then you can think of it as just another mechanism to help you filter out the good ones from those who you wouldn't want to be with, anyway.

  • It's not all men who think this way. Thankfully the normal majority don't. And the ones that do aren't worth your time. It is hypocritical of the guys who do say that but they're not worth it in the end.


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