My ex husband asked for sex. When I did he ignored me, confused?

Me and my husband married for 7 years. Two gorgeous children until one day he decided he preferred my ex best friend. He left his family and moved in with her for a year and a half. Recently split up and he's been asking me for sex. I thought it was a bad idea but it happened a couple days ago. Now I'm confused. Thought friends with benefits would be ok. But I text him saying it was better than I remembered and he ignored me. Sent a sexy pic. Also ignored. He said it was "hard for him" what does that mean? And not to tell anybody? Don't know what to think except I've been stupid.


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  • Cut your losses, don't allow yourself to be easily persuaded, Don't hang around crack oj with life, and you will find love again

    • I've tried to get over it deep down I wanted my family back but now I feel used and even more unwanted

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    • He still seeing her too and telling me he isn't...

    • sack him off. start afresh

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  • He is stupid he left you for your ex best friend and I think he just is using you for sex

    • If he doesn't want anybody to know do u think he's still seeing her too?

    • Yes I think so if he doesn't want anyone to know I think he is going back and forth

    • Thank you forMho

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  • Full circle sex
    Do him if yoj want not when he gets

  • Yep you were stupid alright

    • 😔😔😔

    • If he doesn't want people to know what would that mean? Still hoping to get her?

    • Probably

  • dont talk to ur exes

    • Still married and have children

  • He probably feels dumb too and regrets it, realizes it was a bad idea for him too and to forget it

    • Do u think he regrets it?

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    • Look bad to who tho lol.

    • He looks bad mostly

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