I don't plan on breaking up with him, but what should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year...he's never EVER been aggressive until this month. He's gotten frustrated or angry and grabbed me one, hit me, and slammed me into a wall. ( I know it sounds dramatic, but it wasn't THAT bad) He has apologized each time, and cried about it once and I don't know what is going on, but I'm scared for his sake. he doesn't want to talk to anyone about it and he said he doesn't know why he gets so mad. I just want to help him before things get serious


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  • Things were serious the moment he put his hands on you. He disrespects you and you sit there and let him. if you don't plan on leaving him, then there was no reason for you to create a question, cause 9 out of 10 of the answers are going to tell you to leave him. No man should hit a woman. If you don't want to leave him, then let him beat you until you're black and blue and let it eat away at you until you no longer have any more self-esteem. Apologies doesn't cover bruises and most abusers NEVER change. Either you leave, he beats you until you die or in a coma, he beats you for the rest of the relationship or he dies from who knows, but that's normally the only options you have in that situation, pick your poison.


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  • so that's strike three - YOU WALK

    you leave for good, or until he agrees to DEAL with it

    the part you are missing is he 'does not know why he gets so mad'

    not knowing why, means not knowing WHEN & or HOW MUCH HOW MAD

    you can not stay in an unstable situation PHYSICALLY ,

    not to mention DIGNITY, you are allowing him to think it is ok for him you take his time deciding how he feels- you are he one with the bruises , you have to decide where he won't

    you are already rationalizing, it starts off this way & it can get worse

    you should talk to a professional & whatever he chooses is his choice if you want to leave, if you want to stay, then he must get help & you should take a break while he figures himself out :)

  • get him some help or let him go. sounds like he has anger management issues.


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