She decided to take a break due to stress after everything was perfect?

For the past year I've been in a long distance relationship with a girl that is just as driven in goals then I am. I'd fly to see her one month and she'd come the next with the plan of her moving down here after her 8 year medical degree was complete. This semester she had to take some extremely hard classes. On top of her internship that's mandatory and a small business she runs she has been overwhelmed with stress. Everytime we talk or FaceTime she's studying or doing school work, so between waking up at 4:30 she sometimes stays up till 1am and I noticed recently she didn't go to sleep at all. I understand she is So stressed from getting a few bad test grades and her requirements are not above where she needs to be. Out of the blue last week she sent me a text before our phone call that she is now having her doubts about moving 13 hours away. She's a people pleaser and most of the people around her don't want her to go. She lives in the same area I grew up in but I never really had the chance to meet her until my visit home last year, I feel strongly fate brought us together. She made the 1st trip down to see me and also made the 1st move on me ;). We have disagreements about things but never argue. In that message she sent me last week she also said she needs her space for sometime to get her life back in order which I can completely respect but Besides a few texts messages here and there I haven't heard her voice. I know her well and I feel as if she is telling the truth but part of my gut is telling me something else. She hasn't been in a relationship for 4 years and on her time off she used to travel, and she still does I would never let her stop doing what she loved. I've been getting quite excited about the move and I'm thinking because it was coming so soon she may have mistaken that with pressure. We were on an amazing road for a year and everything just stopped within a blink of an eye, she just cut me off completely and is confused about us. What do I do


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  • Tell her that you'll wait and support her even if you aren't together as a couple. As a girl, we experience a lot of hormones and we say things out of fear of the future sometimes. Just try and help her out as best as you can and if she truly loves you, she will come back but you need to give her time to sort herself out first.

    • That's exactly what I'm doing, I just needed to here it from someone that doesn't know me. I know she was a bit nervous to make the move, it's a huge step to leave the comfort zone. She's from a a Spanish culture, very close relationships with family and friends but from what I understand she isn't communicating with them either, and also removed herself from social media temporarily. I had a bad divorce years ago and she's been the only person I've trusted, she earned it. Thank you so very much.

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