Cheating? Or not?

So me and my fiancé have been together since 2015 and there was this contact named Brooke and I noticed he calls that number and texts it a lot I'm not to sure if I believe it or not but he says it's his cousin and she's having a rough time at home so she's joining in on guys night while I'm stuck at home. Should I be worried? Also we just got on a phone plan together and we each got brand new phones through Verizon. He mentioned " breaking up will be harder now that we share a plan" he said he was joking but that sorta hurt my feelings and led me to believe he wants out, I just need help.


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  • Dont read too much into it. I get where your coming from and would be concerned as well, but if he says it's his cousin, it wouldn't be too hard to tell if he was lying about that. Just ask more questions about her. Hell maybe even ask one of his family members. Im sure you have opportunities to talk to them if you have been together for 2 years.

    • Thanks for the advice

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  • Why haven't you met her? If they're related and live close enough for her to go on a boys night why haven't you met her at family events?
    Even if she was a friend, that's ok if he's honest about it and keeps it open between all of you but if he's lying it's a bigger problem.

    He was joking, logically you know that Hun so don't dwell on it. My husband and I have been married for nearly 5 years, but only went on the same phone plan in the last 12 months. I told him it was more serious than marriage, and that if we ever divorce he better let me keep my phone number (it's now in his name). That doesn't mean I have any intention of leaving him

    • I have met her once, but It was a a football game. And we were with his friends. I've been around his family and she never comes to family events. And thanks for that tip it makes me feel a little better

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    • That seems odd to me... just because they may not be directly related through the same father doesn't mean they aren't aware of each other's relatives

    • True

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  • Don't ignore what's right in front of your face. Dig deeper into this and find out who this girl is.
    Talk to him about how you feel and find out if you guys are going to move on to the wedding (whenever the wedding is) or if you guys will break up. Don't waist your time investing in something that it's not worth it. Make sure that you guys on the same page.
    Good luck

  • I would be curious if it really is his cousin

    • I am. But I can't trust his best friend to answer for him

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