Confused and not sure what to do?

My wife cheated on me last year and I'm not sure what to do. We have been trying to make it work for a year but I feel it's still very one sided and I'm the one making all the effort.

We have 2 kids and my main concern is for them but I know I need to have enough respect not to be treated this way as it's making me unhappy.

Just don't know what to do for the best. There is a guy at her work that is trying it on pretty much daily. On one hand I want to kick his ass but on the other I've kinda just come terms that this is what she does.


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  • Aw shucks I'm sorry man. Do you both know what you like sexually and communicate it? Do you have enough time apart? I have this notion that most married people stop having sex after a while. When I get bored I put on a blindfold, get tied up, etc. I hear dangerous situations bring people close together. You have to be the better guy than anyone else somehow. See what you're missing in your own life and be the best dad you can.

    • Thanks for the reply. We have had time apart. Couple of weeks here as there.

      The sex hasn't been great and it's hard when you feel there is no connection - just feels one sided. I've been finding hard to stop thinking about what she did and that's the last thing you want to be thinking when getting it on.

      I'm trying to be the better person - this is one of the reasons why I haven't gone and confronted this guy as at the end of the day he had a wife and kids too and it ain't all about how I feel. My actions would have an affect there and I'm not a home wrecker at the end of the day.

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    • Just sucks - can't put it any other way

    • Thank you. And I hope for the best.

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  • You shouldn't just accept that. If she's not trying, tell her. If she can't listen, then you do need to cut your losses.
    Coming from divorced parents I can honestly say do not stay together for the kids sake. They aren't stupid and they can most likely sense you guys aren't happy. Theyd prefer you to be happy than witness arguments/ being unhappy


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  • Better go to marriage counselor they will help you with the best solution and as her habbit have not changed, there is no use of staying together anymore.

  • I'm sorry man I can't imagine how you feel , but I can tell you that you are worth way more than this , you deserve so much more. I know this may sound harsh , But I think you and your children will be better without her , having brought up in a broken home with my mom only looking after me I realised something my mom didn't at the time , that it's better for us to not have that man in out lives than to actually have him there. obviously my situation was far different but that's the way I see it to be best for both your kids and you.

    • It's true, the kids can't see us unhappy

    • It's better you guys happy apart then unhappy together it makes for a toxic home sorry again.

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