Does seperation mean the end (married)?

Me and my partner* have been together for 5yrs and got married last April, back in December she told me she wasn't happy and that she wants space and separate to work out what she wants in life, i ask if we could work on things and see a councillor, we had 1 session together and in January she said still wasn't happy and she moving out (she currently still looking for a place) she says that if she alone she can learn to love me again down the track

my question is has anyone else experience this and does a separation generally mean the end


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  • 😕 that's really rough, I'm sorry Hun.
    Personally (and this is only my opinion!) I think that if someone isn't willing to work on a relationship then it's done. It takes effort on both sides; if one person doesn't want to try and fix what is broken (and sometimes it can't be, this is also possible) then it can't be put back together.
    And honestly I would be wary if my partner came back after a period of time and wanted to try again... had they dated and not found anything better? Don't I deserve more?

    I could be completely wrong though, I hope it works out for you!!

    • its tough there a lot of history there and all though it wasn't mention the orginal post we got an 20month old son together and would want to try again if she was willing to come back but understand there would be trust issues

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  • She will be fucking other guys, you can be sure of that.


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  • Is she willing to continue to see the counselor during the separation? If no, it sounds very likely that this is likely the end.

    If she only came to you when she was so unhappy that she wanted to leave and get space, she is not communicating well. She should have come to you earlier when she was starting to feel unhappy so that you guys can work on it.

    Also, if she's not willing to continue to see a marriage counselor with you during this separation, it means she's not actually willing to work with you to repair your marriage. And if she isn't willing to work with you to repair the marriage, then it's very likely the separation will lead to a divorce after. I'm sorry.


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  • yeah it does


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