People who have experienced depression and childhood trauma: what do you do when a break up triggers it?

I had depression long before a guy entered my life from child abuse. It got severely escalated after some traumatic events last semester, and this guy saved my life. Really. We had a complicated relationship, and he couldn't commit, which drove me crazy then. I cut it off (for the second time) last week, and my depression has reared its ugly head again. I'm trying to be happy with myself, not need a man, etc but for some reason my mental health got wrapped up in him. My grades are slipping. I'm always distracted and on the verge of tears. And I feel guilty for cutting off the person that talked me out of suicide. It's over though. I texted him. No reply. It is over.


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  • I had depression for a long time. Right now I'm having a good period though. My advice is: Don't feel guilty. You can't stay in a relationship just because you are greatful. He did helped you, so wish him well and send him love when you think of him, but it's not your duty to stay there, because both of you desserve better.
    You are going through a break up, it's normal that you feel down, give yourself a chance to heal and don't be so hard on yourself. When I feel a crisis lurking and waiting to knock me down, I try real hard to distract myself. I know it sucks because you can't concentrate but you sleep a lot and still feel tired or maybe you can't sleep at all. I took antidepressants to get over my last rough patch and it helped me a lot to concentrate and sleep better, but it's not for everyone. Now I can't really leave them; I tried and couldn't. But now at leats I don't feel crappy all the time and when I feel down, I'm able to handle it without freaking out.
    I'm sorry what happened to you as a child, and you were really lucky to find someone that helped you get over it, but he didn't do it alone. You fought and won as well.

    • Thank you for the words of encouragement :) I've always wanted to avoid medicine, but it might be worth consideration. I do sleep a lot and can't focus on literally anything. I'm always in a haze. That's why my grades are slipping. But I'm trying to snap myself out of it.

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    • The thing with therapists is you don't get to see them when you really need them, and they're such a hit and miss. My one now kinda sucks. I have a friend that I exchange rants with, and that helps a ton 😊

    • It does help a lot! It helps me a lot when I'm able to get everything out of my chest. It's like I'm released of a burden.

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  • I was seeing a therapist. That didn't work out. I do my best to just keep myself happy. meditation. I try to mind my own business.

  • think whatever happens is for good..


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