Does he still like me?

My boyfriend and i broke up two months ago. The reason being eveytime I see him talking or hanging out with his ex crush which he liked 4 years ago, i get very jealous. I always start to argue with him because i was very hurt. He did say he was sorry and he didn't mean to hurt me but he still wanted to talk to her. I also got jealous because he talks and hangs out with her more than me. Therefore, i decided that we shouldn't be together if she makes him happier than i do and thats how we broke up.
We still remain as friends though and still text each other. The last time i asked whether or not he still likes me, he said he does but not as much anymore. I could sense that he was losing feelings for me. However on valentines day, he gave me presents. I asked "why did you give? I though u didn't like me anymore" and he said " why not haha" he also said that he didn't give anyone else presents on that day. Sometimes i catch him staring or glancing at me too. Recently, i saw him talking to his ex crush and looked away but when i glanced back i saw him looking at me ( or maybe he was looking at something in my direction?) Occasionally , I will ask him if he likes anyone new and he said he doesn't.
Im really confused. He doesn't even come up and talk to me in school. But he does it to his ex crush. To me, it seemed like he still likes her and prefers to be with her than me. I still love him though but i dont think he feels the same way anymore.


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  • I would move on cannot be with a guy that hangs out with his ex crush and says he doesn't like you not as much anymore


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