How long should I wait after a breakup to date again?

Had a breakup. It's been about 1 week but I'm over it already since the breakup was thorough and we're back to being friends. Can I start flirting a bit with other girls or should I wait a bit? Would flirting with someone hurt my ex? I still care for my ex so I don't want to mess with her emotions.


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  • If you feel ready and yes it would probably hurt her

    • Would there be a way to not hurt my ex? The breakup took like 2 weeks to figure out so she's still a bit stressed so I've been supporting her.

    • probably everything would hurt her, but it's your life and if you want to move on, than do it

  • It's gonna hurt a little regardless of how long you wait. If you feel ready then go for it and if your still good friends with your ex then encourage her to do the same.

    • My ex is still a bit stressed. Could I flirt with someone in the dark or would the risk of her finding out be too much?

    • I wouldn't try to hide it from her, but I wouldn't do it directly in front of her eyes either. Just ease into it.

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