Staying friends with exes?

We've been friends first, talked every single day about everything.. He understood me and eventually we fall for each other and ended up together. We've been together for 2 months and I broke up because I lost feelings for him.. But I still care about him and I miss our conversations, he was a part of my life and now he's gone.. It's been 3 weeks since we broke up and I want to contact him but I'm not sure when is the right time and how to do it? Do you have any suggestions about this?


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  • I think you have to wait until both parties have moved on.

    • Approximately how long?

    • "until both parties have moved on"
      If he's your friend like you say, you should probably be able to tell

    • Yeah we were friends but I don't know how much time a guy needs to move on.. He seems like he's moved on already but who knows how he feels inside

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  • it's possible, after a break up both sides eventually (hopefully) get to a state of mind of wanting what's best for the other and if you really did care about or love them you should want so be in contact with them.

  • you can not be "just friends" with ex's, it doesn't work

    • Well he's friends with a lot of his exes so I guess it is possible :)

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    • he's acting fake basically, and so are they

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