First love hurts and its cuts u deep inside where it pains u a lot I guess?

is it really hard to forget ur first love when you have love so deeply to that person?
breaking after 6 and half years and still not moving on makes me crazy now.. every memory every thing reminds me of her!!! still got pic of her in my wallet..!


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  • I'm sorry, bro 😕 Yeah, getting over your first love sucks... I fell apart after my first love broke up with me... Six years is a fucking long time.

    • yeah it suck i can still feel the heat of pain.. i guess thats y i. here on this app to just divert my mind from past stuffs.. thnx mate for concern:)

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    • I hope you figure out what you need to do, though. I'm really sorry 😕 It's one of the worst things in the world...

    • yeah still pain is pain.. But please if u do have a chance to make things right do it please

  • Yeah it's hard even if the decision was sorta mutual.


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