Ok, so if men are pigs and jerks...what are women? be honest

I have been reading a lot of posts/questions how men are pigs , jerks, scum. and women are blameless (at least in their own eyes)

I know from bitter experience women are far from blameless, they do their fair share at destructive, and self destructive behavior.

I guess the point of my question is, while men have accepted that they are pigs...why do women deny theirs? why do women think they are so perfect?


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  • women are heartless bitches...but I only say that on here or with other guys, because if I say that around any woman, I find my face all swelled up and sore...because women can also be called expert slappers


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  • Women:

    1. Liars. Women lie about lying about something that didn't need to be lied about.

    2. Deceptive.

    3. Manipulative.

    4. Decietful. lielielielielielielie. Its like lying is a religion or something.

    5. Obnoxious. For some reason women think its okay to comment on other people in an extremly rude way, just because they think they look better.

    6.Heartbreakers. Women will sit there and bitch and bitch about not having a "nice" guy... but in the end when they find the nice guy, they're like "he's just a friend."

  • i have a list:

    1. you don't wana know lol

    • If I didn't wanna know, I wouldn't not have asked

  • it's not that we think we're perfect, it's just that straight women date men. so of course we are going to complain about men and talk about them! just like you date women so you've seen the other side you have your own opinion about what women are like in the dating scene just like we have ours. I don't THINK all men are pigs and jerks but an overwhelming number of them are. its not like people are making it up, they say it for a reason.

  • women are not perfect at all . being a women I know tht grls are bitches nnd like to cause drama.


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  • Women can be cold, gold diggeing heartless bitches...who are only out for themselves...No not all girls are like this but the ones that are well.

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