How long is enough time to start talking to a former unrequited "love"?

I've had a crush on my friend for the longest time. I knew things would never work out between the two of us, but I had to tell her so I could get it off my chest and get some closure. She turned me down (expected) and we agreed for some time apart. We are great friends and both came to the terms for nothing awkward to come between us because of this.

I have made the decision to not talk to her until I don't mind being able to picture her with another guy, and I really value our friendship, as does she (from what she was saying to). The thing is, it's only been a couple of weeks and I feel like I am over the idea of an "us." I just really miss my friend. How long should I actually wait?


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  • You are not over that idea yet. Once you start talking to her, it will come rushing back after a day or two.
    Give it two months at least and do that without dwelling on her thoughts or the idea of her even hanging out just as friends. Think or dream about anything without her in your mind.

    • Do you think we will grow apart in that time?

  • Tell her the last couple of lines. Do it as soon as you're ready. I'll pray for you. I'm sorry this happened to the both of you! I hope you both find peace.


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