My boyfriend has cheated on me!?

things were working just fine for the 1st 1 year. he loved me so much. but suddenly this girl came.this is not the first time, but every time he did I forgave him. before 8 months I found him cheating on me.but every time I had to forgive him, because he used say things I "i love un doing it for time pass" but since then his things are not working fine between us. Always I had to compromise with him. his not respecting me as his girlfriend the way he used to before. but this time I want him to know that am not a to play with, I really love him very much.

I'll go away from him this time and make him realize his mistake and how it feels. but then I want him to come crawling back to me.

what do you people think this guy is actually up to?

he cheats on me and then he wants me stay. he says he loves and he'll marry me, and his parents know about us. but what you think about his behavior? is it common among all boys?

please tell me what exactly to do so that he comes crawling back to me.realizing his mistake and so that he remains faithful to me.


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  • If he cheats, then there's no real love there.

    Think about it.

    Are you really going to let him walk all over you for the rest of your life?

    If're more pathetic than he is.


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    cheating is NOT on.


  • if he cheated it should be over. I couldn't put up with that. if he really loves you he wouldn't have cheated-u should be the only one he wants.


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