Do you guys think he sold my iPod or what?

Me and my boyfriend broke up recently and I was polite enough to bring his belongings to his place. I let him borrow my iPod touch (which was practically brand new) because he was without a phone at the time, but he still has my iPod. He has a phone rn, but he claims that he "left my iPod in his friend's dorm" and it's been there for 2 months at least. His friend goes to college about 50 minutes away. I know it's a far drive and I know he doesn't have a car or a job. I asked him if he could return it on Sunday and I said "if you lost it or something happened to it, tell me now so I can stop bugging you" and he said that it's still in his friend's dorm and that he'd have to find gas money in order to get to his friend's dorm. I would've gave him the $, but I seriously don't trust him due to previous experiences with him. I said ok. I texted him again today (mind you, I'm being SUPER nice about everything when I could be a complete bitch) and I offered to give him a ride to his friend's dorm... I even said he didn't have to worry about gas money just to make things easier and he just read my message and didn't respond. I really don't know what to do at this point but I do know that I won't text him anymore about my iPod after today... I just want my belongings back from him, but he's being a jerk. Do you guys think he sold it, lost it or he's just using my iPod as an excuse for me to continue contacting him? What should I do? Pls help.


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  • As me being a dude, probabilities:Cracked screen and scared to tell you, broke it, uses it to text his hoes (if he has any). Sold it, or maybe he still has it, likes it, and wants to keep it

  • it could be either or honestly, anyway. now how expensive would it be to get another one...


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