Is my ex interested?

My ex (She broke up with me) has recently been in contact with me wondering if I want to meet up, I agreed but couldn't fix a date at that time. She text me the other day saying could we meet up now because she needed someone to talk to. I couldn't meet so she rang me and we chatted about what we'd been up to and things like that. Then she told me;

She couldn't see herself with her new boyfriend for much longer

She really missed me

She still thinks about me a lot

She was happy whilst she was with me

She feels abandoned by her bf

She wanted me to go see her and her family

She wants to find someone in between me and her bf

She was sort of weeping while she was telling me all this and kept saying sorry, does she want to get back together or does she just want a shoulder to cry on?

I text her nearly a week ago telling her when I was free, she texted back straight away saying she'd let me know if she could make it. I haven't heard anything from her since then... I'm really confused now, think she's probably lost interest.. again.


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  • "She wants to find someone in between me and her bf"

    If you were hurt by this girl, and she tried to move on quickly and is so conflicted about what she wants, and she actually said that to you, I'd say don't let this go any further. She knows she felt comfortable with you at some point so she wants a quick comfort zone to recover. I mean it's possible for people to get back with their ex's, but I believe that the possibility for pain is just not worth it. She left you for a reason. It sucks to hear, but she did. And getting back together doesn't remove that train of thought from her mind magically.

    That being said, what are your thoughts and feelings towards her? Has she proven herself to be someone you still could care for and love after the breakup? My ex showed a side of herself to me after she broke up with me 2 months ago that really shocks me to my core. And while I desperately cling to my idea of her while we were together, that girl does not exist anymore. I would not want the girl she is now, even if she said she wanted to come back. If your feelings and desires are different than mine, and you are willing to suffer the pain of it just being a shoulder to cry on and nothing more, then give it a shot. I just can't recommend it myself. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, I just wanted to try and get you to see it from a more removed point of view before you make a decision.

    Best of luck with what you choose to do sir.

    • My thoughts about her are I still really like her even though she did what she did. I know deep down that she's quite fragile and very emotional. I still don't know her true reasons for finishing me, but we were very close up until then and it was very sudden.

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  • Well I reckon she's a player. She seems like one dayum bad. so don't fall into her trap. also, she might just be trying to make you find her attractive to make her boyfriend jealous.

  • A shoulder to cry on.


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  • Don't be a safety net. I was engaged for 8 months and would've been married come this October. She broke up with me just this past February just before Valentine's after dating for many years. I find out via Facebook that she's already started seeing a guy within days, and that killed me. I avoid contact with her and focused on myself. A few weeks later she's waiting by my car after work in tears. She falls onto me and starts bawling.

    She couldn't see herself with anyone but me.

    She had urges to get her husband back.

    She couldn't do this anymore.

    She doesn't know what she did this.

    I ask for some time to think. I didn't want to make a decision based on implied emotions. I was willing to risk more pain than regretting if this could've been the greatest save ever. I really needed to time to think, and to make sure she wasn't just acting on impulses.

    I was right.

    A couple of weeks after I call her to say I want to give 'us' another chance. She replies, "Ummm. I shouldn't have done that. It's a good thing you didn't take me back on the spot." Her feelings didn't change. But she helped me "hammer in that final nail in the coffin." She acted purely on emotions just because she's finally on the emotional rollercoaster that I've been on (still on). I called her out on it and she affirmed it. At that point, regardless of history and memories, I couldn't love a person that's burned me twice in such a way. She thought she could find comfort in something familiar.

    She's still seeing that guy. >_<

    Don't be a safety net. Protect your heart. Prioritize yourself. Really think things out. Best of luck to you.

    • Man I'm going through the same thing with my ex-wife but we have been serperated for 2 years noe and she is remairred but says she thinks about me all the time and wants us to try to work it out and get back together, we didn't leave on very happy terms. I'm sure that I'm over that chapter of my life and don't wanna go back. but damn emotions are crazy things.

    • Very true.

  • It sounds to me like she is looking for a familiar shoulder to cry on...

    Some one who she thinks cares about her, and will comfort her. I wouldn't get my hopes up about reconnecting. I mean it could happen she could think she was an idiot for ending the relationship, or you may be the only one she knows she can turn to.

    Sorry if this isn't much help.


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