How can I away? advice? ( very long )?

well my 3yo sons father is very inconsiderate and incompassionate, and I feel like he uses me all the time. I went back to nursing school after getting layed off about 8 months ago. I was having a very hard time finding a job so I decided to go back to school. well he has been a part of my support system for the time being. he works mornings 12 hour shifts ( if that) he lives about and hour and half from me so if he keeps my son while im at school or work he will take him to his place. now im in school 6 hours out the day, externship/ clinicals for 8 hours and somtimes work study 3 hours every other day... so you know I'm pretty tired after. well besides the fact he always wants me to drive that whole hour and half after my long days to come and get our son from his place, then drive all the way back home EVERYDAY (3hours total).. I ask him if he could meet me half way at least because im super tired. he always complains and says well I work all day and I'm tired, then he will say I have to work in the morning so you will have to come and get him. needless to say if he called me up and he wanted to get our son I wouldn't hesitate to meet him half way because I know its a long drive and I know he could be tired. we have a court order for him to get our son every other weekend but he never gets him. he always want me to bring him over on the weekends (fri-sun) I take him because I want him to spend time with his dad, and I will do anything to make it happen. the problem is he expects me to do everything, concerning our son plus more like cleaning his house and cooking.. (not that I dont want to, he's my son too lol) but its not fair. when I'm there he wants to have sex too. I just feel as though if we aren't together there is no need for me to keep coming over and "play house" if he won't committ. I just dont know how to walk away. he threatens to take our son from me if I dont come over or if things dont go his way he's mad rude to me. advice please?


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  • Talk to a judge about this

    • Consult a lawyer because this is not right he is forcing you to drive 3 hours everyday after a 12 hour day right (thats just not safe for you or your son.) Look i am going to be frank you need to talk to your lawyer or consult one asap because what he is doing to you right now is not right with the rudeness and the blackmailing for sex ( he is threatening to take your son away to force you to have sex the is black mail, may be rape depending on how you look at it ) with all the good that MIGHT come out of this for your son. It is way less then the bad that will come out. I dont know if you love him or not but... I dont feel like this is a good relationship at all it seems a little bit abusive. Just hearing this i would not let my son around him just out of fear of what he might do or teach him to do. I really think you should take some action maybe get a restraining order. (if that is possible). I know he keeps your son sometimes when you are are work or at school but considering the

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    • So talk to your Lawyer tell him every thing that you said on here and anything you can think of that would help your case. And if you can't do it for you do it for your son. Im sorry for the rant I just don’t want to see you end up in a bad situation that could have been stopped if you knew. i really hope everything gets better :)
      Also sorry for the like 4 replies it would not let me do it in the original one and not in just in one reply the comment one.

    • I have checked about the black mail
      In some states in the us is is considered rape

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