How to Let Go of Someone Amazing?

She is the most beautiful girl I have seen in my life.

She is smart, has a degree.

She is caring, cares about people, like sympathetic and things.

She can play the piano very well.

She is hard working.

She is great with kids.

She is so cute and cuddly, she is exactly my type.

Anyhow I know we aren't meant to be, and she doesn't feel the same way :(

It hurts, she is in love with her "jerk" ex and has started to date a new guy...

It hurts that she likes/loves/dates other guys but not me?

That hurts... I don't think any other girl is as good as her, so how can I move on?
She keeps getting promotions at work and has a tittle now


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  • You need a distraction. Take up a hobby or go to the gym and spend as much time as you can with friends and family to take your mind off her. You'll meet someone else in no time after that.

    • I do, but I see her a lot and hear about her life too much.

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    • I just have this urge, I wish I could hold her in my arms and she would be smiling, hold her so tight...

    • Plus I'm thinking about her, she is probably texting her boyfriend how she can't wait to see him this weekend after a long week... :(

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  • She is just one girl. She may seem like the only girl who can ever be that special but she's not. There are any number of girls out there who have the potential to change your tastes in everything. There is no such thing as 'the one'. It is an overly romanticised notion that is not based in reality or common sense.

    The more you build her up in your mind as irreplaceable, the more you will struggle. You need to bring back reality and balance into your thinking.

    • I've built a massive idea in my head of who she is.

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  • distract yourself, focus on yourself and also date other people

    • Nobody wants to date me

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    • I feel like all girls have had at least one boyfriend by my age, and that makes me feel a bit insecure.

    • still, that won't change how somebody will feel about you

  • i would follow this question of yours because it's the same with me


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