We almost had sex... now there's nothing?

This girl and I were dating for 2 months. We almost had sex after we left a bar one evening... we only had one drink. We made out outside of her apartment lobby, she was rubbing herself against me then we went inside. Inside, we touched each other under the pants, made out, touched more, etc but left it at that.

Next two days, she was distant... not replying to my texts or answering my calls. I confronted her saying, "Why are you ignoring me like this after we take a step further into the relationship?" I get her on the phone and she says the following: she doesn't like herself, she doesn't like her body, she's afraid of being hurt or hurting someone else, and she had a bad sexual experience in the past. Not knowing how to deal with any of this, I just told her I had to move on and ended the conversation.

Hours later, she texts me saying I'm not being strong for her, that I only want to have sex with her and not be there for her during "hard times", that there's another guy she's considering who "brings her food when she's unable to eat anything". I asked her, "what do you mean by hard times?" She replied, "What hard times? Are you kidding? I'm done here."

A month went by without her responding to my texts, calls, etc. She responded to a text a few days ago saying she has a new boyfriend, he has connections to the Columbian drug cartels so I better be careful (I think she was joking as she put a laughing emoji next to this), and some other nonsense. Keep in mind this girl is 30 years old and acting like this. She said, "He has cartel connections, so be aware for future references." ? What?

Is this girl bat-sh*t crazy or did I do something wrong? What gives?


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  • Did you do something wrong? Technically no, but you could have handled it better. The reason she thinks you were just with her for sex and referencing hard times, what she means is when things were slightly difficult, when she's talking about her body insecurities, you bailed on her. I say technically no because her body insecurities technically aren't your responsibility to solve and if you didn't want that baggage, then you can say no. So I will go with, you weren't wrong but you probably could have handled it better. However, moving on is definitely the correct thing to do in this case since...

    Is she crazy? She might be, that's a really weird joke to make. So good thing you did move on.


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  • were u paying for most things during those 2 months?


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  • 2 things
    1) Do you think she was a virgin that night were you all most went all the way?
    2) i do think she went a little crazy

    Im not sure were the last part came from but i would just try to move on


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  • stay away dude. she is mental.


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